Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Hanged Man

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The Hanged Man

I was wandering the forest, lost
in the song of the woodfinch, when
something snagged my ankle, the air

huffed from my chest, and I was hoisted
up. Upended like this, all the world seems
strange and new — I think I’ll cross

both arms and watch a while. A high
thin sound rushing in my ears,
as the coins fall from my purse.



Ivy said...


And his legs look like they're making the number 4, upside down.

SP wrote about The Hanged Man, too -- though hers is titled The Hanging Man.

Peter said...

Thx Ivy: I love Plath's poem. It's brilliant.

The Sublibrarian said...

The Hanged Man is also associated with Odin whose hanging (upside down) from the World Tree produced the gift of the runes.

A. D. said...

i hope you don't mind. . . . i've had a little fun with this post of yours over at my place.