Friday, December 09, 2005

Red Coffee Cup

I was driving home from the gym this morning, when I noticed the car behind me had a tall red to-go coffee cup on its roof. When we were stopped at the light, I poked my head out the window and waved to the driver, a handsome young asian man, and pointed to his roof. He promptly hopped out of his car and ran up to my window with a piece of paper in his hands as if he were lost and needed to ask directions, leaving his coffee cup on top. The light was about to change, but I rolled my window back down, and he said: "Congratulations. You just stopped a Starbuck's Red Coffee Cup Car. Because you were so nice you get a free Starbuck's Card." And he handed me an envelope with a Starbuck's card for $5. Then he drove off, weaving through traffic, the tall red to-go cup obviously glued to his roof.

How strange. Has this happened to anybody else?


In other news, some recent acceptances/appearances:

I discovered recently that a review of Saying the World by Jim Foy appeared in the summer issue of Poet Lore.

Four poems from Saying the World will be appearing in the 4th Edition of Behavior & Medicine (Hogrefe & Huber), a medical school/behavioral health text book, put out by University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine, and edited by Danny Wedding.

My poem "Turning Straw Into Gold" (VQR Summer 2003) will be appearing in the writing textbook, Spinning Words Into Gold, edited by Maureen Ryan Griffin.

And a new poem is forthcoming in New England Review. Thank you C Dale.

Not a bad week.


C. Dale said...

You should buy a lottery ticket!

Peter said...

Hmmm . . . good idea.

A. J. Patrick Liszkiewicz said...

Not a bad week at all! Well done. (And, no, I've never even heard of that Starbucks thing happening. Very cool, though!)

early hours of sky said...

You know Rebecca would have shot that cup with a sling shot. I wonder what they give you for that?

Yea on NER, I cant wait to read it.

Anne said...

Hey, congratulations on the bundle o'publication! Not a bad week, indeed.

And I never heard of the red coffee cup thing either. But I live in the middle of nowhere so that doesn't surprise me. :)

Ginger Heatter said...

Congratulations on the appearances & acceptance, Peter!

Kells said...

RE: Starbuck's Red Coffee cup..
Only in Seattle! What fun! And you just reminded me, I need to stop in and get my yearly "Cranberry Bliss Bar!"

And congrats on all the acceptances and successes. Well deserved!

you have such good karma! (are you really santa claus?) ;-)

Justin Evans said...

Not a bad week?

I would die if I had that week. Well, everything but the coffee, but then, my wife likes coffee.

Ivy said...

Yay, Peter!

Dana said...

What? So now we can't even drive down the street without someone potentially pulling a guerilla marketing stunt on us? As if Starbuck's needs to do any more marketing.

Nick said...

Congrats on the acceptances and the free cup of coffee! Make it a Latte Macchiato and thank your lucky star[buck]s!