Wednesday, December 28, 2005


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Please love me
and I will play for you
this poem
upon the guitar
I myself made
out of cardboard and black threads
when I was ten years old.
Love me or else.

— Franz Wright
from The Beforelife (Knopf 2001)


The Sublibrarian said...

"Things as they are / Are changed upon the cardboard guitar"?

Anonymous said...

Or "Franz-Wright c'est moi. The cardboard guitar/And I are one."

jenni said...

That's a good painting for the poem. There's almost something child-like about the man in the painting--"love me or else"--I don't think I've ever outgrown that (for better or for worse). Anyways, I think the painting compliments the poem nicely. Who is it btw?

Peter said...

Jenni: it's by some guy named Picasso, I believe. ~grin~

Radish King said...

Great juxtaposition, Peter.

A. D. said...

ah yes, but who's the old man in the picture?

A. D. said...

see the post at my place.

The Sublibrarian said...

Hey, a. d., where is your place? Your initials in the comments link to your blogger profile which only has links to Cafe Cafe which doesn't seem to be the right place.

A. D. said..., sorry.

The Sublibrarian said...

Cool. Thanks!