Wednesday, September 21, 2005

We can't say we weren't warned

Think of this as Rita approaches:

"In the week before Hurricane Katrina struck, the U.S. government was busy insisting on the deletion of a simple phrase from the general principles of the United Nations -- "Respect for Nature." History may now look on Katrina as the perfect storm that ended, once and for all, such anthropocentric arrogance."

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Sculpin said...

Wow. I knew that they'd been insisting on that deletion, but I hadn't put the two things together. Oh, my.

Pamela said...

And this is the "Christian" government, composed of leaders who obviously never read the Bible about God's gift of nature and directive for stewardship of the land. It's clearly commanded by God that man have respect for nature, because it's both a gift from and a reflection of the Creator. It surely seems to me that Jesus himself draws parables from nature (the vine, the fig tree, and, unfortunately, a house built upon the sand...). These leaders should be ashamed--and maybe the house built upon the sand will be the Republican White House.