Sunday, September 25, 2005

Puzzlemaster (I *Heart* Will Shortz)

Begin with the phrase I love you.
Subtract those letters from the alphabet
and from the remaining letters compose
a sentence that describes your deepest,
darkest, obsession. From the first letter
of each word, spell a new word
that describes the thing you most fear.
Now add back the letters from I love you,
to create a new word or phrase.
What does it tell you?

Send your answer to Will Shortz, c/o Weekend Edition, Sunday Puzzle, National Public Radio. The winner will not get to play puzzle on the air with host Liane Hansen and the puzzle editor of The New York Times and Weekend Edition's puzzle master Will Shortz. The winner will also not receive: a Weekend Edition lapel pin; the 11th Edition Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary and Thesaurus; Scrabble Deluxe Edition from Parker Brothers; Puzzle Master Presents from Random House, volume 2; and The New York Times Sunday Crossword Puzzles, volume 29, from St. Martin's Press. (Total estimated retail value $90)


Anne said...

Your trivia for the day: Will Shortz and yours truly graduated from the same university. He got his degree in our Individualized Major Program, designing a degree about the study of puzzles. When he got it, people wondered what on earth one would do with a degree in puzzles. Well, now we know. :)

Peter said...

Anne: that is a great story. "The Study of Puzzles." Now that is a major!