Monday, September 12, 2005

New Orleans Evacuee

I saw my second New Orleans evacuee in clinic today. She needed to refill several medicines for some chronic medical conditions. Without revealing any confidential information, all I can say is, she was an educated professional who tried to evacuate before the hurricane hit, but there was NO GAS LEFT IN THE CITY for her to fill her tank to drive her own car out. So she had to stay at home and weather the storm. When the flooding occurred, she SWAM to the freeway near her home, which was above the flood level, leaving her dog in the attic. She hitched a ride out in a personal car with a family who was leaving town. THEY DROVE OUT OF THE CITY THE DAY AFTER THE HURRICANE. They drove out! Why couldn't buses have been placed on higher ground, to drive people to safety after the storm? Why wasn't there enough fuel for people's cars so they could leave town? Why did so many people have to wait for so many days to be rescued, when the roads were wide open for traffic? I hold Michael Brown and FEMA and the Bush administration responsible. Their neglect of the people of New Orleans was simply criminal.

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