Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dean and I saw Milk last night at Columbia City Cinema. Sean Penn was pitch perfect in the role. He portrays Harvey Milk not as merely a martyr/saint, but as a three-dimensional character with flaws like any of us (married to his work, a bit of a megalomaniac). I also loved the blending-in of actual archival footage. Very well done. And poor Josh Brolin: first he plays the idiot George W Bush, and now he has to play the goat Dan White. He deserves hazard pay.

It was heartening to see that a largely straight and multi-ethnic and multi-generational audience was drawn to see the movie (rather than just a bunch of old queens like us). Really: it was a mix of everybody from the neighborhood, including kids and grandparents. I think the story of Milk's fight against injustice and prejudice is universal now, and not just a gay story.

The mural above is from the apartment above Castro Camera in SF where Milk lived, and activists would meet. Apparently it is a kind of gay shrine/museum now. I love the quote that is shooting out from the gun: zoom in to read it.


This afternoon a large gray hawk landed on the birch tree right outside our kitchen window. Dean and I watched it for several minutes before it fanned open its beautiful wings and wheeled away. It was amazing: like a visitation.


We went to the Seattle Home show this weekend. Had a great chair massage, scouted out more bathroom tile, and looked at some solar panel companies. We may actually do it: install an array on our roof (the cost is $15-20K, and seems to be going down each year), especially if we can actually get paid by the power company for the excess we'll be producing.


Donald Hall is reading for Seattle Arts and Lectures this coming week. Unfortunately I have to be working late that night. I would like to hear him.


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Collin Kelley said...

Milk is just brilliant and I hope Sean Penn wins Best Oscar. A very moving, honest film.