Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Check out the feature article in today's PI on Matthew and Michael Dickman, the identical twin brother poets from Portland, being published this year by Copper Canyon. I heard Matthew read at Open Books a few weeks ago, and agree with what the article says about his style. Looking forward to seeing Michael's book soon.

The twins' work evidences little kinship in subject matter or style. Matthew's jumps around with free associations, surprising cultural and popular references, and much humor. Michael's are shorter lyric poems on deeper concerns, thoughtful and philosophical.

Matthew says, "Michael's poems are much better than mine."

Michael counters, "I am always reminded how generous Matthew's poems are, how big-hearted. They also have breakneck energy, with references to Coca-Cola, Jay-Z and nature."

Both Dickmans are thrilled to have their first books out in the world, with the chance to reach new readers. They have their big poetry dreams, too, with Matthew envisioning Oprah adding poetry to her book club, perhaps featuring a certain set of identical twins as her first selection.



Collin Kelley said...

Wow, now that's interesting. I'd like to see them read together.

Radish King said...

Oprah would have them on her show if they were conjoined. Other than that, Ms Angelou is O's only poet.

Peter said...

RK: hehehehe!