Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bush gave his farewell to the nation speech tonight. Yeah. Whatever. He said something about being full of gratitude, but all I heard was "full of attitude." Don't let the screen door hit you on the way out.

Dick-head Cheney has been spending the week swearing in new senators, with the oath to "uphold the constitution." I am sure he does this with his fingers crossed behind his back and that sneer smeared like bad lipstick across his face.

A plane crash-landed in the Hudson river this afternoon after a "double bird strike" disabled both its engines. Thank the goddess everybody made it out safe. Albeit following a frigid dip in winter river water.

Dean and I spent part of the afternoon applying grout sealer to our new basement bathroom floor. I know, ho-hum.

We are *so* looking forward to the upcoming holiday weekend, and celebrating our new Prez!



~ said...

but all I heard was "full of attitude."


I am so looking forward to the 20th! We're off to a Party like a Barack Star! celebration. This has been a Loooooooooooong 8 years.

Binh around the City said...

Hi Peter.

I've posted a new item on BATC on the occasion of the day of birth of MLK. This morning, I checked and my page only shows the MLK post, and just the picture of the post that precedes it. Two posts preceding that one aren't showing up. However, when I signed in to my account, I see that all the posts are still there (with a few glitches like font changes) but they just aren't showing up on my page. Plus, the side bar with a brief description of what BATC is along with a foto of mine aren't there.

I see your page and other blogspotters' pages I like are working just fine. Do you know what the problem is?

Happy MLK holiday and Inauguration '09!

Collin Kelley said...

They've been showing surveillance images of the plane crashing in the Hudson. Amazing that no one was killed and the plane to break apart. That pilot deserves a medal.