Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A great poetry presentation last night on KUOW. I love what Elizabeth Austen says about poetry, how reading it is essential to her, that it connects her to the deeper parts of herself, her soul, and that she reads poetry because she doesn't know any other way to pray.

And then two great poems and commentary, from Marie Howe and Kathleen Flenniken, about the ideas of Hurry, Addiction, Mindless Consumption, and War, and how they are all interlinked. Check it out on the audio archive here:

1. Poems for What Ails Us
Elizabeth Austen presents two poems that contemplate the ills of modern society. Marie Howe's poem "Hurry" considers the innate violence of constant rushing. Kathleen Flenniken's "News Item" connects personal overconsumption with the larger state of our world.


Binh Around The City said...

Thanks, Mr. P, for this link. Listening to the radio--so QUAINT! I am taking a break from Facebooking, to eat while this plays on.

Peter said...

Binh: I hope you enjoyed it. Radio is a really excellent medium for poetry, and discussion of poetry, I think.