Monday, November 19, 2007

Hummingbirds, Babies, and KG

Dean and I put out a new hummingbird feeder yesterday. It's amazing how quickly those little dynamos found it. You'd think it was a pitcher full of cosmopolitans. (Hmmm . . . looks like that, doesn't it?)


We saw L & S and their new baby Anika yesterday. Mucho congrats to the new parents. She is so cute!


Kathy Griffin was a hoot! It is fantastic she sold out three shows in Seattle. We were way up in the mid mezzanine level, and we could hear all her bits just fine, but I missed being able to see her facial expressions, and body movements. Especially when she was imitating Orpah, and Paula, and Britney. Hahahaha.


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Suzanne said...

That hummingbird feeder it is beautiful, so is the teeny tiny, Anika.