Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Go Helio!

Dean and I watched the Dancing with the Stars final last night. What a show. Thank god we will have Project Runway to watch once this one is over. (How else get through the long winter nights?).

Here is my take:

Helio (the racecar driver): was hot hot hot! Vrooom! I am getting a major crush going on that fella. My money is on him to win it all. (And then come out as the first openly gay NASCAR driver).

Mel (the Spice Girl): she danced well, but what was going on with her boobs? Did she get them inflated with extra silicon this week? Honestly, she seemed more stacked than usual. It was unnatural.

Marie (the Osmond): what in the hell was she thinking!? Her "Dollmaker" routine was just awful. Crazy bad. Whatever-Happened-to-Baby-Jane scary. I think she must have warmed up for the final by going off her meds for a week. She is just looney-tunes. If she makes it to the final I will puke. Or turn Mormon, I can't decide which.

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Collin said...

I've caught Marie Osmond selling her dolls on QVC or HSN (can't remember which one) and she's a looney on there as well. The host is always looking at her like, "please don't freak out on live tv you nut."