Saturday, November 17, 2007

Dean and I have a date with *this* fabulous redhead on Sunday. I can hardly wait!


Had a great time with Ian and David at the World Dance series at Meany last night. An interesting group from France, doing a mix of hip-hop and modern, with projected video and taped music. My favorite parts were when they moved in this freaky slow motion, or when they did "popping" (it looks like there is a strobe-light going, but there's not, it is just the dancer breaking their movement into almost saccade-like bits).

We discovered I & D have been reading Offerings, the exact same coffee table book as Dean & I, of gorgeous photos from Tibet, paired with Buddhist sayings, one for each day of the year. Talk about twins.

Also heard about a fascinating Virtual World called "Second Life." But I dunno, my first life (plus this *virtual world*) is complicated enough.



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Collin said...

I'm so jealous. I love Kathy! Have a great time!