Saturday, May 20, 2006

Skagit River Poetry Festival

Having a good time at the festival. My favorite moments so far:
The Writers in the Schools presentation Thursday evening: So nice to hear about their work with students the past year.
Jeff Crandall's amazing art exhibit at the Museum of Northwest Art. His hanging sonnets, one syllable on eac shard of glass, are amazing.
Sharing palindromes with Billy Collins. His: "I Love Me: Vol. I" Hehehehe.
Presenting with Ekiwah Adler Belendez and Pat Mora on Poetry as Medicine. Ekiwah is amazing: Only 18 years old, and wise beyond his years. A terrific reader of his poems. Like a reincarnation of Pablo Neruda.
Going to the "Real Men Write Poetry" presentation by Carlos Martinez, Allen Braden, and Tod Marshall. Great stuff. Especially enjoyed the goth high school student in the audience, with his black cat's ears, sipping mineral water from a silver goblet.
Lovely cocktail party at the home and garden of the Bruce's. Such gracious hosts!
Dinner with Kathleen Flenniken and her husband at Kerstin's. Great conversation, and good company. Yummmy!

more later . . .

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