Saturday, May 13, 2006

Mail Call

It's a lovely spring Saturday in Seattle. I saw patients all morning at clinic, and am also on call for the week (again), but it has been fairly quiet so far, only two newborns.

Yesterday Dean and I planted a dozen Walla Walla Sweet onions, two canteloupe, two yellow tomato (not romas, we couldn't find any), and a yellow pepper. Everything looks perky and thriving. Hope we get a long hot summer.

In the mail today:

The May issue of Poetry. Looks like there are some interesting letters to the editor regarding the Hoagland essay of last issue (or was it the issue before?). Also two poems from Seatle poet Rebecca Hoogs.

The latest Seattle Review, including my little poem "Aesop's Dog" (" . . .one bone or two?/When I heard the splash I knew.") As well as two lovely poems from our own Jeannine Hall Gailey, and a fine essay about medical training and patient narratives (or loss of patient narratives), "History and Physicial," by Seattle Neurosurgeon Rick Rapport.

The latest issues of Out Magazine and Out Traveler. Time for Dean and I to start planning the next trip. It's our 20th anniversary this December. Maybe thinking of Hawaii, or Greece. Ahhh . . .

Happy reading!


Sculpin said...

Canteloupe! I've never tried that -- didn't imagine we had the heat for it here.

Peter said...

We grew a canteloupe 2 years ago. It was small, but tasty!