Saturday, May 06, 2006

Is That a Zucchini in Your Pocket?

Today Dean and I are planting the rest of this year's vegetable garden. We had already planted lettuce, beans, and broccoli raab from seed, and we have been having fresh baby greens for a week or so. But everything else we will plant from starts (I know, it's cheating, but the growing season is shorter in these northern latitudes!).

Today we are planting:

8 roma tomato
2 red "bush goliath" tomato
6 basil
1 zucchini
1 yellow crookneck squash
1 eggplant
2 cucumber

We are still looking for some golden romas. Hope we find them soon.

Planting the vegetable garden, getting my hands in the soil, spreading the mulch, weeding the paths, laying out the hoses, always gets me in the mood for writing garden poems. Not sure the world needs another garden poem. But we definitely need our gardens.

What are you planting today?


Anonymous said...

also Cherokee purple tomatoes are cool

Jennifer said...

I scattered a handful of American Elm seeds off the back deck, half-hoping for a miracle.

Charles said...

I think all I'm sowing this week are seeds of contempt.

Peter said...

Jilly: I've been seeing "Black Tomato" starts all over this year. Wonder if it's the same kind of thing?
Jennifer: Elms seeds seem to be falling all over this week, eh?
Charles: Really? Hopefully you are just joshing? ~grin~

jenni said...

I have 20 or so corn plants that need transplanting pretty soon. Only problem is where to put them! I think I'm going to just plant them out in the field (property we do not own). sigh.

Sculpin said...

I planted out about twenty leeks, an artichoke plant, two peppers, and four broccoli plants today. Soon it'll be time for me to sow beans, borage, and calendula.

The local cats love to dig up my vanilla leaf, darn them. They have an unerring instinct for digging exactly where I most want them not to. Where they haven't gotten to them, though, the plants are doing well.

They're a native here in Puget Sound; give 'em some moist shade, and they grow like crazy. I bet they'd do well for you. I don't know if cats usually love to dig them up, but it might be a good idea to put down a little chickenwire just under the soil where they're planted.

Next year I'm going to go heavy with the Wall-o-waters. I bought one package this year and it's been great. It warms up the soil remarkably well. The pepper starts I planted out early are very happy and sturdy-looking.

cornshake said...

morning glories from jennifer t, hollyhocks and big boy tomatoes--all from seeds!

Peter said...

S: I'll have to try the wall-o-waters. On tomatoes first.
C: All from seed: you are a green goddess!