Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Poetry Garden Martini

Went to the Jeannine Hall Gailey-Martha Silano reading at Open Books in Seattle last night. Wonderfully delightful to hear both of these poets whose work I know well. My favorite part of the reading (besides, the poems, of course) was to hear a quote from M.S. about Stanley Kuntiz' secret to longevity (from an interview in People Magazine, of all places): "Poetry, gardening, and martinis." I love it. A man after my own heart.

Looking forward to the Skagit River Poetry Festival this weekend. Check it out here. Presenting are: Billy Collins, Linda Hogan, Pat Mora, Ekiwah Adler Beléndez, and many many more . . . Come on down! LaConner is gorgeous in the Spring.

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