Friday, March 17, 2006

Very busy with work since getting back from Austin. And then I spent all day yesterday at NW Hospital with my mother, as she was getting a stent placed into her kidney (actually, into her R renal artery, to treat renal artery stenosis). NW is a nice enough hospital, located in Seattle's north suburbs. But it always weirds me out going there, because there is a huge graveyard across the street from its main entrance. Who would build a hospital next to a cemetery? The visual pun is just too much: a blue traffic sign with word "Hospital" and an arrow pointing one way, and "Cemetery" and an arrow pointing the other way.

Anyway, she did fine, except when it came time to peel off the op-site dressing from her groin, where the angio-catheter had been inserted. She was still a little rummy from the sedatives, and yelped something along the lines of "Oh! I guess you get a free bikini wax with this procedure." Yes, just what a 76 yo grandmother needs: a free bikini wax.

Huskies won in the first round against Utah State. Bring it on Illinois!

More local Seattle poets to be heard on the PRX site:
"In this series, you will hear from a range of poets that were a part of the Jack Straw Writers Program. They are: Kent Chadwick, Kelli Russell Agodon, Felicia Gonzalez, Ted McMahon, Cody Walker, Jared Leising, Peter Pereira, Kathleen Flenniken, Stephen Thomas, and Clemens Starck."

Finally a day off today. I am going to go the gym with Dean, and to lunch with KF, and then dinner tonight with Kevin and Bob. Ahhhh . . . Hopefully some time to read some poems I've been waiting to read, as well.


the machinist said...

Sorry Peter, but go Illini!

Kells said...

Peter, I loved your mother's comment! How funny!

And thanks for the Jack Straw link, I didn't realize I was included on that. JS is such a terrific program.

jeannine said...

Your mom sounds great! Wishing her speedy recoveries...
And congrats on your poem being up!