Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Going "Live" with the electronic medical record at my home clinic this week. It's the first of three phases: all telephone messages and medications/refills will now be done via the computer, for phase one. The patient check-in, vitals, history, physical, lab ordering and resulting, referral ordering and reporting, assessment & plan, etc., will "go electronic" in future phases.

We have a diversity of computer aptitude among staff: from those who are totally computer phobic, and don't even use one at home; to those who used electronic records in their training and are so glad we are finally joining the 21st century. It's made for some interesting side conversations.

Somehow, we are all going to need to get on the same "screen" so to speak.

There'll be pizza delivered for lunch.


Enoch Choi said...

which EMR? we're on EPIC and i worked for Medicalogic (Logician aka GE Centricity) in the past.

Radish King said...

What kind of pizza?

Peter said...

It's NEXTGEN electronic medical record (EMR).

R: we didn't have pizza, but instead had a wonderful potluck of asian noodles, stir fry, chicken, salad, cookies, etc etc. It was great.

Steven D. Schroeder said...

Even computer-phobes tend to pick that sh--er, stuff up fast when they absolutely have to.