Saturday, March 25, 2006

Huskies lose to Huskies

What a great game: except for the finish. We had it won! If Jensen had not stupidly fouled what's-his-name, we would have been ahead by four, not three, and what's-his-name's desperation three would not have been enough to put the game into over-time. Ah well . . . it was high drama.

We are leaving for Spain. Hope to post some from internet cafes if possible. Otherwise, see you after I get back. Y'all better behave!

Listen Up!

I don’t want no lip, no sass, no guff, no bull.
No whining, no pining, no lying, no resigning.
I don’t want any bitching, snitching, twitching or bewitching.
Any whimpering, yimpering, simpering, or dimpering.
Stop your cussing, scoffing, scorning and screeching.
Your snarling, snickering, sniping, and sneezing.
Let go your blathering, blabbering, harping and hawing.
All your yammering, jabbering, yakking and yawning.
Give up your gibbering, giggling, gobbling and gulping.
All your sniffing, snuffing, squawking and squalling.
End your murmuring, muttering, mumbling and mouthing.
Your screaming, steaming, shouting and shrieking.
I don’t want to hear you stammer, stutter, trill or twang.
Don’t want to hear you drawl, drone, hoot or howl.
I don’t want to see you waggle, wobble, whirl or weave.
Don’t want to see you zig-zag, yo-yo, yaw or sally.
Put a cork in it, put a lid on it, pipe down, clam up.
Just chill out, button down, zip up, get on.
Now scram, scatter, skeddaddle, skiddoo.

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