Monday, March 06, 2006

Mail Call

In the mail today:

The new issue of Poetry, with a fascinating essay by Tony Hoagland, "Fear of Narrative and the Skittery Poem of Our Moment." Basically exploring the recent fad of the elliptical-disjunctive poem, and seeing it as possibly just another phase that is going on right now.

The latest issue of New England Review, with my poem "Nursemaid's Elbow," (thank you, C. Dale) as well as work by fellow blogger David Koehn of The Great American Pinup. Also included is a hysterically campy long poem by Richard Howard, "Eidyia: An Interview," purportedly from an "audience" with the Queen herself.

Looking forward to AWP. Looking forward to meeting up with any and all bloggers. Don't be shy, say "Hi," if our paths cross.


pimplomat said...

I just read Hoagland's essay in Poetry. I can't wait to pass the essay on to my friend, a defender of the elliptical poets, so that she and I can have a long debate about its contents. We will drink much wine in the process, I'm sure.

You have a good blog, by the way.

Jarod Anderson said...

I enjoyed Hoagland's essay. I just sent an email to my old teacher at Ohio University Mark Halliday regarding his cameo in the article. I think it may be a valid point to use the word Fashion when describing the current trend toward disjunctive poetry; although I'm not sure if I agree with Hoagland regarding the detrimental effects of such poetry. Anyway, I thought it was an interesting piece, thanks for mentioning it.