Monday, January 02, 2006

Some searches that have recently led to this blog:

After gastroenteritis how long till I can kiss someone?

Walking around in women’s underwear

Most literate cities

Child stethoscope lift shirt

Chinese adoption

Wind burned my hair

Vacation sex

Pantyhose handcuffs

Brokeback underwear

Virtual boyfriend game

Rare Book Room, University of Washington

See threw (sic) underwear


What the Doctor Said

(my favorite is Pantyhose Handcuffs)


Radish King said...

My favorite is see threw sick underwear.

(waiting to hear back)

the machinist said...

So, Doc, what's the answer to that first one? :)

Peter said...

Woody: You can kiss as soon as you like, as long as you have washed your hands! ~grin~

jenni said...

My blog gets a dozen hits a day off "beyonce booty"

these search items can be really funny, but sometimes disturbing too...