Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Poetic Pharmacopoeia

I was attending an Orthopedics Conference at the hospital last week, and one of the presenters mentioned a new anti-inflamatory drug that was soon to be released, named Lyrica. How perfect, I thought, blending poetry and medicine for new drug brand names.

Here are some of the names I have invented for some new drugs, using the lexicon of poetry, including suggestions for what conditions they could be used to treat:

Accentia (for voice problems)

Aubadea (a pill to help you wake up in the morning)

Cesura (anti-seizure)

Dactylica (stuttering)

Elegeica (grief reactions)

Haiku (a calming anxiolytic, of course)

Iambia (for improving self-esteem)

Ironica (anemia)

Metaphoria (hallucinations)

Metonomy (a placebo, of course; but it works!)

Musea (an asthma drug; to help with inspiration)

Neologia (aphasia)

Prosodia (speech impediments)

Sapphoica (for women)

Scansion (vision)

Stanzia (for ADD, helps you to be more organized)

Syllablica (gait disturbances and balance)

Synesthesia (dyslexia)

Virelay (an anti-viral, of course)


Justin Evans said...

onomatopoeiasa: (helps with tinnitus)

jenni said...

LOL! You are so clever, Peter. This cracked me up.

Lana Hechtman Ayers said...

This is great fun!

Don't forget Similea for aphasia.