Sunday, January 08, 2006


. . . from news:

“The tame version of Scissor Sisters' new video "Filthy/Gorgeous" was reportedly too hot for MTV ... so wait till you see the naughty version . . .

"Directed by "Hedwig" mastermind/star John Cameron Mitchell, the video is a nonstop thumping ride of debauchery -- hula dancers, drag queens, leather daddies, man-on-man kissing and New York drag fave Murray Hill spanking Jake Shears. The video climaxes in a frantic onstage performance by the band surrounded by the entire crazy cast of characters. In other words, Mitchell captured the glamour of a live Scissor Sisters show, with a lot of sex play and theatrics thrown in to jack up the fun.

"I first saw Jake Shears of the Scissors singing 'Laura' accompanied by a boombox in the middle of the Tennessee mountains at a Radical Faerie gathering, and I knew he was a fucking star in the making," Mitchell told PlanetOut.”

Check it out . . . it's filthy, good and gorgeous.


Collin said...

Scissor Sisters are hot, hot, hot! I think Jake Shears is so damn sexy. They released a DVD in the UK and he's totally nude in it. I'd love to be filthy with him. :)

Charles said...

They are my heroes.