Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Posting in Spanish

I couldn't imagine anyone giving C Dale Young a hard time (blush) for posting in Spanish! I don't speak or read Spanish, but if I ever need to translate what somebody has posted, I just cut and paste it into the handy-dandy online AltaVista Bable Fish Language Translator. It can instantly translate (with variable accuracy) over 20 languages! For instance, C. Dale's post on Alberto's blog the other day:

Alberto, amé tan su poste que hice un poste entero mis el propios para responder. Usted tiene que encontrar una copia de la quinto sinfonía de Mahler. Después de que usted escuche el cuarto movimiento, déjeme saben lo que usted piensa.

Translated on the Altavista Babel Fish language Translator is:

Alberto, I loved so its post that I made a post whole my the own ones to respond. You must find a copy of the fifth symphony of Mahler. After you listen to the fourth movement, déjeme knows what you think.

It's not hard to get the gist. Can't we all just get along (lol)?


C. Dale said...

Peter, It really wasn't a big deal. The person who brought it up more than likely brought it up because he didn't want me to look bad (pretentious). In the end, my post was mostly just an inside joke because I told him I would blog about it.

Peter said...

C Dale:
My post is mostly tongue-in-cheek as well; I just like to plug the Babel Fish Translator . . .hehehe