Sunday, February 13, 2005

It's About Time

The It’s About Time Writer’s Reading Series Thursday was fun. I especially enjoyed hearing John Marshall’s reading: from his new chapbook-length poem “Taken With,” about his mother, her dementia, admission to nursing home, death. The poetry isn’t confessional at all; the language is smart and playful and full of variety; which is quite a feat, considering the subject matter. It will be coming out from WoodWorks Press in a few months. Anitra Freeman read this wonderful pair of “Credo” poems; one written about 20 years ago, and another now. Not necessarily an ars poetica, but more her life philosophy (aren’t they one in the same anyway?) and how it has changed/not changed/matured. Pesha Gertler gave a fine reading; I especially enjoyed her poem about being at a kibbutz, as a Jewish woman, and working with Palestinians, hoping for peace amid all the bloodshed and loss there. Very moving.
My craft lecture was ok. I talked about “Finding Your Subject” (and how I really believe your subject finds you). The talk is posted on the It’s About Time website. It’s pretty lame, if you ask me (my talk, not the site). But if you visit, make sure to check out Rebecca Loudon’s craft lecture. It’s much more enlightening.


jenni said...

Peter, I don't think it's lame at all. I love what you said about "life rhythm"--that is so very true. And quiet time is important. I always get lines in my head right as I'm falling asleep, usually i convince myself i'll remember them in the morning...but I normally don't. Enjoyed your essay.

Esther Helfgott said...

Peter, Your presence and talk at the reading were very moving. I liked the way you organized your material and reminded us to make space in our lives for reflection, instructed us to write regularly as well as on the spur of the moment; and I especially liked how you entwined writing with physicality. Thanks also for letting those of us who aren't quite out there know about PDAs, not to mention this wild blog universe.