Sunday, February 13, 2011

The "Real" Welfare Queens?

Fascinating article from Seattle's The Stranger. It looks like the real "welfare queens" in WA state are the "Republican" counties! The very ones who tend to vote to cut programs and lower taxes and demand "smaller government" are actually out of proportion in their use of tax dollars per-capita. Can anyone explain this to me? Or is it just another example of right-wing hypocrisy? I wonder if this kind of out-of-balance spending is true nation-wide as well (do "red states" out spend their share of federal taxes?).

Full article here:

Welfare State
Washington's Republican counties depend on Western Washington's money. How can they survive the state budget cuts they demand?


Loren said...

Yep, and they're the same ones who complain about welfare clients while drawing huge subsidies from the federal government not to grow "wheat," etc., etc.

adam bin ismail said...

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Joannie said...

I think it's the classic disconnect--the same way that "earmarks are bad," except for the ones that are coming to your state. Because we speak in quick sound bites and generalities, it's too easy to forget that we're talking about ourselves. I could go on...