Sunday, April 05, 2009

Wow. Spring has FINALLY arrived! Gorgeous weekend. We were able to get out in the yard, sit in the sun and rock on the new glider. Went out to dinner last night a Enoitria in the U District. Great food. Followed by the Brazilian dance troupe Grupo Corpo show at Meany.


Today in the Sunday times, Michael Upchruch's interview with Timothy Kelly and me. I've never done an email interview before. I hope we said some interesting things.


Radish King said...

Peter, it's a terrific interview. I love what you wrote at the end about the body remembering. Indeed.

jeannine said...

Glad you guys are finally getting some spring weather!

Peter said...

Thanks RK: glad you enjoyed.

J: Yes it is gorgeous right now! Please come back for a visit soon.

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