Tuesday, April 14, 2009

From The Stranger:

Timothy Kelly and Peter Pereira
When: 7 pm - Wednesday, April 15th 2009
Price: Free

Two poets who are also medical professionals read from new work. They will not take a quick look at your weird rash, so don't even think about asking.

University Book Store
4326 University Way NE (206) 634-3400

If you are in town, please come on down!

( . . . and I may still look at your rash . . . if you ask very nicely).



Radish King said...

Peter, what day?

Peter said...

Oops: thanks Rebecca! I just added it.

Anonymous said...

awesome sounding reading, peter. do let me know if you ever make your way down to sf/the bay area for any events. i'd love to come out and hear you. i won't ask you to look at any rash, though thank you for the medical advice re: RAD a while back :-)