Friday, April 03, 2009

Check out the announcement of Rebecca Brown's new book AMERICAN ROMANCES due out with City Lights in June.

"It's about America and high and low culture and Puritanism and Stein and John Wayne and my dad and Necco wafers and the Invisible Man and God."

I am seriously looking forward to digging in to some great essays here.


And up at Ron Slate's On the Seawall is his yearly recommendations list: Twenty-Four Poets Name Some Favorites to Celebrate National Poetry Month. I've already found several new (to me) titles to read.


After filling her house with trash, woman has to sleep outside. My Mother’s Garden is the story of Eugenia Lester, whose hoarding disorder has entered a dangerous and life threatening stage. Sound like anybody you know? Check out this fascinating and loving documentary here.



Kells said...

Wow, Peter. Thanks for the link to the documentary. I watched the trailer.

My husband occasionally comes into contact with homes like this in the city when he has medic runs. As someone who is constantly trying to rid my life of clutter/stuff, I'm very interested in this.

What's interesting is while I tend to the one who tries to clear space of things to have calmness, she is doing the exact opposite but for the same reasons. Fascinating.

I will have to see this. thank you for bringing it to my attention.

Peter said...

Hey Kelli:
Glad you found a connection here.