Wednesday, April 22, 2009

When does "Harsh Tactic" become "Torture?"

I sure hope Bush-Cheney and their cronies get busted over this. I can just picture Cheney, for instance, pale and pathetic in a wheelchair, rolling into the Hague for his trial as a War Criminal.

This extraordinary consensus was possible, an examination by The New York Times shows, largely because no one involved — not the top two C.I.A. officials who were pushing the program, not the senior aides to President George W. Bush, not the leaders of the Senate and House Intelligence Committees — investigated the gruesome origins of the techniques they were approving with little debate.

According to several former top officials involved in the discussions seven years ago, they did not know that the military training program, called SERE, for Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape, had been created decades earlier to give American pilots and soldiers a sample of the torture methods used by Communists in the Korean War, methods that had wrung false confessions from Americans.

Even George J. Tenet, the C.I.A. director who insisted that the agency had thoroughly researched its proposal and pressed it on other officials, did not examine the history of the most shocking method, the near-drowning technique known as waterboarding.

The top officials he briefed did not learn that waterboarding had been prosecuted by the United States in war-crimes trials after World War II and was a well-documented favorite of despotic governments since the Spanish Inquisition; one waterboard used under Pol Pot was even on display at the genocide museum in Cambodia.

They did not know that some veteran trainers from the SERE program itself had warned in internal memorandums that, morality aside, the methods were ineffective.


And in brighter news: we had our new solar panels installed yesterday! And I think it was a good omen that it was warm and sunny and 70-plus degrees all day. We should be all hooked up and feeding into the grid within a week.




Collin Kelley said...

I agree that Bush, Cheney, Condi and Co. should be arrested and taken to The Hague, but Obama's admin won't pursue it.

The solar panels are cool. That's walking the walk. :)

Peter said...

Hi Collin:
Yes, it looks like Condi has her paws caught in the beehive, too.


I'll post later how the panels seem to be working. It's a bit of an up-front investment, but I think it is totally worth it. And hopefully we'll be the start of a neighborhood trend.