Friday, March 27, 2009

A great tempest in a teapot, shitstorm in a seashell, going on at Poetry Foundation, over Matthew Zapruder's essay "Show Your Work." I love what these two people wrote:

Angela Sorby wrote:
Would that critics had the power to create poetry readers. But MZ's initial anecdote disproves his point: he learned to love the Velvet Underground because 1) a cool girl gave him the record; and 2) he listened to it over & over. Likewise, I fell in love with poetry because 1) cool people gave it to me; and 2) I read it over & over. This was a private, ecstatic, non-intellectual process. It could not have been, and cannot be, a matter of didactic instruction. That said, I'll take the Velvet Underground over Sonny & Cher, even though Sonny & Cher (like Mary Oliver & Billy Collins) had a bigger fan base.

Tony Tost wrote:
Poems are pretty easy to get and understand, and most readers don't need a critic to understand them. As Robert Frost said, the best way to understand a poem is to read other poems. You can start anywhere.

I like critics who can make the case for what a poem or poet or poetics has to do with my life, or how I live it.

(I would also just like to say that Roseanne actually was a way better television show than Twin Peaks.)


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Collin Kelley said...

Tony Tost is smoking dope if he thinks Roseanne was better than Twin Peaks. That's the only thing that interested me in that whole exhausting back and forth.

And don't tell Bill Knott this, but I'm actually starting to respect him more and more. I'm almost sorry I call him a bastard that one time.