Sunday, March 08, 2009


What a great last game of the regular season. I was so happy for our guys, especially Jon Brockman and Justin Dentman, who really gutted it out through the lean years. And Coach Romar, who is such a class act. Dean and I went out to dinner in the U District after the game, and it was flooded with people in purple celebrating.

Then we met up with friends for the UW World Dance series: a great show from a West African/French Dance group called Compagnie La Calebasse. An amazing group of eight guys, all very fit and muscular, doing a blend of traditional African dance and modern dance, with video, drumming, vocals, and a good amount of humor. I loved it.

Check out some video here:


This was too funny: Elizabeth Hasselback groping W's ass.
Can you tell the difference between the real ass and the fake ass?


On call again this week. Quiet so far. Fingers crossed.


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