Sunday, March 15, 2009

Snowing again?
We woke up this morning to huge flakes coming down, 2-3 inch huge fat fluffy flakes, not really wafting down (they are too heavy) put splatting down. It's starting to stick already, even though it will be too warm for it to last, we may have an inch or so soon. Don't get me wrong. It's beautiful. Really beautiful. But when will it end? I'm sick of winter. I want it to be spring.


Dean and I took a drive to Gig Harbor yesterday, for the 50th birthday celebration of one of my old grade school friends. He and I grew apart after grade school. But we have been aware of each other's lives, oddly enough, through his mom, E, who happens to be one of Dean's oldest and best friends. (They were nurses together at Cabrini and later Group Health. It's a small world). Saw several of his sisters there. Also his step-dad, who was our PE teacher in grade school, and used to seem so large and imposing, and is now an 80 year old, slightly stooped, white-haired guy. My how time flies.


I'm waiting for the NCAA tournament seeds to be announced later today. I hope hope hope UW will get a 3. We'll see. Going with friends to see The Wrestler tonight. Fun fun!



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Collin Kelley said...

Wow, you guys are snow central this year. After nearly 80 degrees last week, we dropped back into the 40s and its been pouring rain all weekend, but I think winter is just about done with us.

Peter said...

P: And Louisville as an overall #1. Not bad!