Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin? What was McCain thinking? Has he gone totally senile? This is possibly the worst veep choice since Bush Sr.'s idiot-deer-in-the-headlights Dan Quayle. From what I understand, Palin's a very conservative right-wing pro-life nut-case, with a mere two years experience as a governor of Alaska, and zero foreign policy experience, who is hell-bent to drill for oil in Alaska. Jezzus! Part of me is smiling, because I think this will effectively hand the election to Obama. The plot thickens . . .


And in poetry news, er, ummm, hmmm, sorry . . . I got nothing'. But there is this announcement about the Great Art Party, to help support Floating Bridge Press:

Hello Everyone,

This is just a reminder that tickets are on sale now for: The Great Art Party! A fun fundraiser to benefit Floating Bridge Press, a non-profit supporting Washington poets.

We have 150 artworks and we are selling 150 tickets. When the party starts we begin drawing numbers randomly. When your number is called you simply go up to the displays and TAKE the piece you want. Easy, fun, no bidding, and everyone goes home with art!

All work is valued between $90 and $2,200! Premium Tickets are only $100. A limited number of $300 Sapphire tickets will be sold, allowing you to pick from the high-end Sapphire section with work by Dale Chihuly, Francisco Goya, Steve Jensen and many others. Pictures of work can be seen at our website:

This all happens 6:30 PM Friday, September 5th at the South Lake Union Armory Building. For tickets and more info call Jeff Crandall at 206-353-9148.

We need to get the word out, so please forward this to your friends. Thanks!




Joannie said...

Alas, I think that very conservative right-wing pro-life (ahem) is exactly what McCain was thinking in order to mollify the social conservatives that are the GOP's bread and butter and votes.

In poetry news, the staceybro story found some resolution (and I very much appreciated your balanced look at the uproar), and cheers to great art and FBP.

Collin said...

Palin is pro-choice, anti-gay and a gun toting Christian right winger. We don't need her anywhere near the White House. Fingers crossed the ethics investigation finds her guilty.