Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lost Bob Dylan prose poems resurface with 60's Hollywood photographs.


College Professor vs. Prison Guard. Who earns more? You may be surprised (I was). Check it out on the "Blue Collar vs White Collar" Salary Smackdown.

Though, of course, some may wonder what is the difference between a college professor and a prison guard, I think there is a lot of difference.



Collin said...

Truck drivers make $100,000 a year? To hell with poetry and journalism, I'm buying myself a big rig. I got everyone of them correct but the one with the baker. Who knew bakers made so much dough. Har, har, har!!!

Peter said...

C: Yes, that one gave me a rise, as well. Hehehehehe!

jeannine said...

The downside of trucking is you have to pay your own gas and truck upkeep, it's bad for your back, and you work a lot of hours all at once. Plus, traffic and cops.
I actually have a female friend who became a trucker after graduating with a journalism degree from Ohio U. She bought her own rig and even had a truck-cat she took around with her! She meant to do it just to pay off her student loans, but I think she's still out there, trucking! Just think of the creative non-fiction you could write after doing that for fifteen years!

Pamela said...

I had a physician friend in Virginia, who drove trucks on the weekends--he says it's relaxing and used a different part of his brain. So Peter and C. Dale, you could have the best of both worlds, delivering babies and delivering materiels.

Peter said...

P: Not a bad idea. I *love* to drive.

PS: a friend of mine gave up his RN job to drive a truck a few years ago, and has been much happier ever since.