Saturday, August 23, 2008

Having a great time in BC. Vancouver is such a great town for walking. The West End in particular. I am just amazed at all the high rises here, with little parks and gardens tucked in, and all the people out on foot (not many fat people here!) We've seen a lot of sites and probably eaten more than we should, but what the heck. I showed Dean the new library, a kind of modern coliseum-shaped building (I read there at AWP a few years ago). Stanley Park had a bunch of downed trees from winter storms, and parts of it looked like a disaster area. Took a tour bus around the city and sat by some French Canadians, who were a little non-plussed that the tour was not translated en Francais for them (they didn't know I understand French pretty well, and speak it a little, and it was fun to eavesdrop on their conversation . . . hehehe). Yale town has really become a hot trendy place, full of new condos and restaurants and shops. We had Dean's birthday dinner there last night, with K and B. A relaxed 3-4 hour multi-course feast, with good old friends, We could talk all night. Walking back after, Granville Avenue was closed to traffic, and there was just this huge blocks-long street party going on. There air was cool, but still easy to walk in short sleeves and slacks. Vancouver has such an eclectic mix of ethnicities and cultures. I just love it. I think it is a vision of the future of the world.


Premium T. said...

Sounds like a great time. Haven't been there since before I had kids, when the car was broken into and I lost a lot of stuff. Ah. Stuff. Better of without it!

Premium T. said...

I mean off.