Monday, August 04, 2008

All Aboard the Bus B*tch

From the Rainier Valley Post:

"In addition to founding the ultra-popular Cheap Wine and Poetry somewhere north of I-90, starting today Brian will be the voice of the "Bus Bitch," a semi-regular column combining his daily life of riding Seattle Metro with a wry knack for complaining about it.

"Like many in the Rainier Valley, I depend on the bus to get around— because cars, gas and insurance are damn expensive," said Brian. "Bus Bitch will chronicle the ups and downs of busing it in Southeast Seattle and be a source for mass transit information (and bitching) for Rainier Valley residents."

Email Brian with your stories, tips, pictures, etc.


Dean and I saw the new X-Files movie last night. It was good, but not great. It felt like a 30-60 minute TV episode stretched out to fill a movie. The creepy medical stuff was great. The Mulder-Scully love relationship stuff was kinda boring (sorry, the chemistry is gone). And the priest-pederast was not very disturbing or complex as the villain-hero, despite the bloody tears. And why all this SNOW in the X-Files movies? Is there some memo I missed? I'd say wait for DVD or NetFlix or cable.


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Collin said...

Snow has always been a feature in the X-Files. Something about the frozen tundra being good for keeping aliens on ice. I wish the movie had been better, but I quite enjoyed it.