Sunday, October 14, 2007

You Gotta See this Show!

Tania is a hoot and a holler, and a really swell person.

My One Night Stand With Breast Cancer
October 11 - November 11, 2007
In The Bullitt Theatre, at ACT
Running Time: 1 hours, 30 minutes

From the website:
Writer and humorist Tania Katan was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 21. While other people her age were concerned with cramming for college finals or deciding which bar to saunter into for their first legal drink, Tania was dealing with the impact of playing host to a life-threatening disease - receiving chemotherapy, radiation and even a mastectomy... and wondering if any of it was working. It did. Then at age 30 Tania was diagnosed with breast cancer again, and off came her second breast.

Some people, confronted with such a situation would be consumed by despair and eventually succumb to their own vulnerabilities. But that's not what Tania is about.

This world premier stage adaptation of her award-winning memoir, "My One Night Stand with Cancer," regales her rollercoaster experience through lenses of spirited humor and unblinking humanity. Somewhere between confronting mortality, finding her dream girl and running a 10K in under an hour with practically no racing experience, Tania finds herself. Using comedy - both personally and professionally - to mask the fear and pain of her illness, Tania brilliantly weaves the many threads of her story with honesty and insight into a performance that will have any audience in tears and hysterics all at the same time. She reminds each of us wholeheartedly that the essence of real love and laughter are truly the important things in life.

This production is presented by Ethereal Mutt — Limited.


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