Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Watch Monday night's McNeil-Lehrer News Hour featuring small press poetry in Seattle. Including footage from Copper Canyon, Floating Bridge, Raven Chronicles, and Open Books. Yowza!


Anne said...

I was at work, but fortunately I was able to record this. Very very cool! Made me want to fly out there for a visit. Maybe someday. I think I'd have to bring an extra empty piece of luggage for the books I'd buy... ;) (it's not an addiction dammit! it's professional development!)

Peter said...

Hi Anne:
Let me know if you ever make it out this way. We could have a little po-blogger potluck or something for you, followed by a pilrimage to Open Books and other sacred sites. xop

ps: I think you still can watch the Lehrer show on their web archive.