Monday, October 08, 2007

I am enjoying the new issue of Seattle Review, which has a new look, and a new editor, Andrew Feld. He has updated the image of the journal, with a wider, oversize format, and a hipper design (though the shifting font sizes and spacing were a little distracting to this reader). And he writes a good opening essay about his philosppy as editor. He makes no apologies for Seattle Review being an "academic" journal, meaning "we embrace ideas and welcome the widest possible range of voices and aesthetics. The academy is, after all, that singular place in the world where ideas are taken seriously." Sounds good.

The current issue has some wonderful poems by Richard Howard, Susan Parr, Rick Barot, James Hoch, and more. Check it out!


Also reading the latest issue of Poetry Northwest. Sharon Bryan has an amazing poem, "Bass Bass" about language, confusion, creation. It's a hoot. Here's an excerpt:

" . . .

the words make a little
sizzle in my brain,

which twin is it, does it
rhyme with ace or ass,

my tongue trips over
itself when I come to

either one, am I at
the opera, jazz club,

bait shop, is something
keeping time or sifting it . . ."

pg 12-13



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ka said...

I've heard Sharon read this poem a few times and it is just wonderful to listen to. I'm so glad to hear its in Poetry NW, which is becoming one of my favorite journals.