Tuesday, October 30, 2007

This is pretty incredible to read about. Who is in charge? Why is this being allowed to happen? These thugs should not be above the law! Immunity Deals Offered to Blackwater Guards.

The Bush administration just gets worse and worse. It is one disaster and lie/cover-up after another. When will it end?


I bought this book to read after reading about it over at Critical Mass.

William Empson, Seven Types of Ambiguity. The book that gave close reading a good name. I can never open it without thinking that it was begun by an undergraduate at Cambridge who let one of his weekly essays run a little long.


Matt said...

When will it end? I would say January 20, 2009, but maybe that's too optimistic.

David HG said...

Hi Peter...I wanted to get in touch with you about Ecotone's blog series on the body, but couldn't find your email. Shoot me a message at davidhg (at) ecotonejournal.com if you're interested (or look at the series - www.ecotoneblog.blogspot.com).

David Harris-Gershon