Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tuesday Potpourri

About to leave for the gym. Dean and I try to go together about once a week. It's hard for us to workout together because of our schedules, but also because our idea of a workout is somewhat different. Dean is more slow and methodical and can spend an hour or more at the gym, hardly breaking a sweat. I prefer a short but more intense workout, such as running (rather than walking) on the treadmill, and then going through all the weights in fairly rapid succession, 30 minutes is enough. The thing we agree on is we like to watch either the travel channel or the cooking channel while we are on the treadmill. And that it is best to go out for an espresso and a treat (pain au chocolate, or apricot scone, for instance) after the gym.


Project Runway starts November 14th, and not a moment too soon! Here's an interesting story about a Seattle contestant (possible spoiler).


I liked this poem on Slate.


It's time to plant bulbs. It's a little weird to be thinking of Spring right now. But still.


I've been reading a book of Flash Fiction. My oh my some of these stories are amazing. Have you heard of this Flash Fiction contest? 500 words max. Beer included.

RIVER STYX Schlafly Beer Micro-Fiction Contest.

A prize of $1,500, 2 cases of Schlafly beer, and publication in River Styx is given annually for the best micro-fiction story. The editors of River Styx will judge. Deadline: December 31 postmark. Limit: 500 words max per story, up to 3 stories per entry. Entry fee: $20 (includes a 1-year subscription). Editor: Richard Newman. River Styx, 3547 Olive St., Ste. 107, St. Louis, MO 63117. Phone: (314) 533-4541. For complete guidelines, see www.riverstyx.org.


Check out these gorgeous chapbooks by Payseur & Schmidt. The women who run this press apparently have an office in West Seattle. Only blocks from High Point clinic. Why have I never heard of them until now!?


A. D. said...

I like that poem some, too. Thanks for pointing to it.

Joannie said...

A lovely poem, and inspiring. Thanks for the link. And thanks for the information about the chapbook press.