Sunday, September 03, 2006

Mrs. A

Saw two more cases of MRSA yesterday. I think we have seen about 100 cases so far this year at our clinic, all told. It's pretty concerning, an epidemic of sorts. The usual story we hear is that the patient first had what felt like a little "bug bite," and then over the next 1-2 days it became much larger, more painful, red, hot, and oozing. By the time we see them there is a full blown abscess, or a small ulcer crater. Some patients have been sick enough to require hospitalization. So far, the community-acquired version of this staph infection is sensitive to the common antibiotic Bactrim (often used for UTI's). Once we start seeing multiple drug resistance in the community, though, things are going to get dicey. So: if you get a little infected "pimple" on your body, don't pick at it, don't poke it with a hot needle, don't take a bath with your girlfriend, don't slather it in "grease" -- call your doctor. And always remember to wash your hands, and to ask your doctor to wash his hands.

This has been a Virtual World public service announcement.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,

My "dumb" question-- does it itch like a bug bite or does it just look like a bug bite.