Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Fantastic Four!

Oh my gawd! The newest episode of Project Runway showed tonight at 9PM instead of 10PM, and so I almost missed it, as I was at my "other" poetry group (with KF, RL, RS, JL, luv ya all) until almost 9:30. But what a joyful surprise — no one was eliminated: *all four designers* are headed to fashion week! It's a triumph for inclusion and liberality.

Dean told me that Scissor Sisters played "Don't Feel Like Dancin'" at intermission on So You Think You Can Dance (how ironic?). And now, on Noah's Arc, is the followup to Noah's horrific gay-bashing. With his great line about how a victim often feels shame, and that what the prosecution needs to do is to put the shame where it belongs, with the attackers. And he and Wade ("I could never hurt you")getting back together . . . hot hot hot.

Now back to your regular programming.


anything but poetry said...

OMG. I totally forgot about Noah's Arc last night! We watched Project Runway. I hope my friend Brandon's tivo recorded it...

Radish King said...

I'm sorry I left early. Have not read your poem yet because I had to get up at midnight to go to work.