Sunday, April 23, 2006

What a gorgeous day! Had a nice drive home from Portland. The weather was perfect: like a midsummer day, the sky all blue, the evergreens green as green can be, the maples and elms and ashes all in leaf, the rolling hills blooming with wild mustard flowers. Where else can you drive past not one but two active volcanoes within a half an hour? Of course, I am referring to our own Mt. St. Helens and Mt Rainier. They were stunning today: covered with gleaming white snow, a tiny wisp of cloud, and seeming so close that you could lick them. It must be an atmospheric effect brought on by the clear skies and the rising temperatures, or something, these Spring days when the mountains seem larger and closer than possible. I love it.

My only question to the freeway drivers of Oregon and Washington: What is it you don't understand about "Keep Right Except To Pass"? ~grin~

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