Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Poetic Intentions

Congratulations to my good friend Jeff Crandall, whose art show "Poetic Intentions" recently opened at the Museum of Northwest Art, in LaConner, WA. It looks like a fascinating show, and will coincide with the Skagit River Poetry festival, this May. Check it out!

"In this installation, created specifically for this gallery, Crandall explores the transparency and fragmentary nature of language. The exhibit begins with Exploded Sonnets, a mobile-like glass curtain of words that divides up two original sonnets into their even syllables, each floating like a bubble of sound. Plays on words, containerization, advertising and religion are explored through glass-mounted collages, sandblasted glass spheres and bottles. "All Bottled Up" is a display of 85 cobalt blue wine bottles each with different human emotions, conditions, and other things we keep inside. The "What Lies Within" series uses hanging glass panes on a steel backdrop with light and shadow to point out the LIE within BELIEVE and other ironic words-within-words. Crandall works in Seattle, as both a nationally recognized poet and an accomplished glass artist. Poetic Intentions runs through June 4, 2006."


Kells said...

That is so cool! I can't wait to see it in person!

Kieran said...

When I'm poetic I don't open the freezer all day. What don't you do when you're feeling poetic?