Sunday, April 02, 2006

Ah, Seville

We have made it to Seville. Staying in a very old hotel in the Santa Cruz part of town. No internet access there, but we wandered by a cafe that has internet this afternoon, so thought I´d check email and post. Seville is a pleasant change from Barcelona: quiet, calm. Our first night we wandered the old town, with its narrow streets (built long before automobiles even were imagined). Orange trees in blossom everywhere and filling there air with a citrus scent, as horse´s hooves clopped down the cobblestones. A nice dinner outdoors at one of the cafes. Ahhh . . . very relaxing. Today took an open air bus tour of the city. A lot to see. I love the mix of Arabic/Islamic architecture and art with the Jewish and Christian. A true mix of styles and ways of seeing.

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