Friday, April 14, 2006

Mail Call

"I am writing to request your participation in a very important online survey we are conducting for Men's Vogue.

This study is designed to help us better understand the interests and needs of men at the leading edge of style and business and, as a Men's Vogue reader, your opinions and attitudes are critically important to us.

Further, because we are only reaching out to an exclusive sample of Men's Vogue subscribers, your participation is vital to helping us achieve accurate, meaningful results -- and ultimately to the continued development and success of the magazine.

We respect and value your time, and would appreciate if you would take a few moments to click on the following link and give us your thoughts. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated and, of course, your answers will be kept completely confidential.

Thank you for your participation. Your insight is invaluable to us.


William Li

Men's Vogue? It just sounds so metrosexual.
Take the survey . . . tell them how you really feel. ~grin~

PS: (I wanted the free shaving kit)

1 comment:

Ale said...

arent u? a metrosexual I mean


hope u are not...what kind of "woman" could ever crash on any sort of metrosexual "gay"???