Sunday, August 21, 2005

Fun Weekend

Dean and I just got back home from a whirlwind tour of the South Sound area. We left Saturday afternoon for Gig Harbor, to help celebrate our friend Erika's 70th birthday. A wonderful party at her daughter Kathy's house, on a bluff overlooking Point Defiance, and South Vashon. Dean has known Erika for over 30 years, since they were nurses together at Cabrini Hospital in the early 70's. But I have known Erika even longer, over 40 years, as she was my second-grade best friend Ernie's mom! (small world). Needless to say, it was great to see her and she looks fantastic.

After the party we took the Tahlequah Ferry to Vashon Island, to spend the night with our friend's Kevin and Bob, and to join them and several other Vashon Islanders the next day for the Annual Cruise Around Vashon, on the historic Virginia V steamboat. What a hoot! The weather was fantastic (I am sure I am burned all over). We ate cheese and tampenade sandwiches and drank mojitos and watched the lovely island scenery glide by.

Afterwards we caught the Fauntleroy ferry home, and we are just now getting settled in for the night. The final episode of Six Feet Under is on tonight (at least I think it's the final episode). And we don't want to miss it for the world.

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